Barrier Based Risk Management

Managing Risks has always been a challenge for Organisations. And recent major incidents like Macondo and Montara in the Oil & Gas, the Financial and Banking Crises or the Chilean Mining Incident in South America show that this challenge is not unique for a single sector.

In all of these industries the use of Barrier Based Methods like BowTie has proven to be the best and most integral approach in managing Risks, especially the Major Risks. The ease of understanding might be one of the most convincing arguments for the BowTie. People really understand the risk analysis because it's on the right abstraction level. This makes sure that risk communication is fully integrated in the organisation. In risk communication, we find over and over that a picture does paint a thousand words. Besides being easy to understand, BowTies also provide an overview and insight that is not obtained by any other method of risk analysis & assessment. This is because BowTie actually reduces complexity to a manageable size without losing the context and focus on the critical elements. The BowTie diagram gives you an overview of multiple plausible scenarios, in a single picture.


Although a BowTie is very easy to understand for everybody, from top management to shop floor, developing a good BowTie is a completely different story. It requires a good knowledge of the BowTie concept, an understanding of the guidelines and how to apply them and a good overview of the subject that is being assessed.

Based on more than 15 years of applying BowTie, Tripod Beta and BSCAT, A-RisC has developed itself as the specialist in Barrier Based Risk Management. And with the experience of Projects in sectors as Oil & Gas, Energy, Aviation, Hospitals, Construction and Finance for both Companies and Contractors as well as Regulators, A-RisC can offer a wide range of Consultancy, Incident Support and Training services

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