Our approach is based on transfer of knowledge and kick-start clients in applying Barrier Based Risk Management for their Organisation. The focus is on making the difference by providing high value services instead of aiming for long lasting projects. Services are provided to all High Risk Industries around the globe.


Based on experience gained with regulators and operators A-RisC has developed a unique and practical approach to the use of BowTie, aimed at organisations that want to take the next step in managing their Risks.
General Risk Management support
BowTie facilitation
Writing of Company BowTie Guidelines
Development of Generic / Template BowTies
Review of BowTies
Operationalisation of BowTies and implementation of Barrier Management


A wide range of training services is offered for inexperienced and for experienced users. Both in the form of in-company training as well as open training:
BowTie Method & Software (2 days)
BowTie Master Classes (2-3 days)
BowTieXP Software Training (1 day)
BowTie refresher Training
Incident Investigation and Analysis Training based on Tripod Beta or BSCAT (2-3 days)
Risk Management Master Class (5 days)
Both the BowTie and the Incident Investigation and Analysis training can be offered as a Train the Trainer program.

Incident Support

Independent Investigation Team Lead
General Investigation Support
Independent Review of Incident Investigation reports
Implementation of BowTie Incident Investigation; integrating Risk Assessment and Incident Investigation
Multi Incident Analysis

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